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Reminding Me of Home

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been a while, but finally found time to share again.

Moana has been out for a while and actually, I am not sure if the book these images come from has been printed yet, but I did see an abridged version out there in the market so I thought maybe it’s okay to share this now.

This property was nice to work on as it is a reminder of my home. Although the filmmakers were very clear that it is not Hawaiian, the elements still felt like Hawaii to me. Anyway, anyone who grew up there has been to the Polynesian Cultural Center on field trips, right? We are all ohana.

These layouts come from an extension story of Moana, not the retelling. So, the story is new. Here are 3 of the layouts from this project.

The characters were appealing to me and fun to draw so it was a real pleasure. Probably why I was inspired to do more than what the art notes called for through most of the project.

This page in particular only called for 3 spots, which was done. But, the first was described as one image of Pua pushing the small sack. When reading the text, however, I clearly saw the image that ended up at the top, as a band going across the spread showing the character moving across the page, turning the sack as he walked. It’s always a risk not following the art note precisely (more chance of it being rejected), but sometimes it does pay off. It was approved, yay!

Here’s another I wanted to share from the book. Again, 3 spots were called for in the notes, but I managed to connect the first and second images with the action lines from the sack flying through the air and landing. Also, since we used the tattooing in the vignettes, I thought it would be appropriate to carry the concept through to accentuate the swish effect.

And this last image was meant to just be one full spread, meaning that it should have just been one image according to the art notes. But, I thought it may be fun to see the two animals rolling through the sand and getting caught in the net as a montage of character images within the single background. So, technically, I did follow the art note in that it is ONE image, but it plays out as movement because of the multiple characters. Another “if-y” decision, but again…APPROVED! yay!

I hope there'll be more extension stories for these characters. Anything taking me back to my island home is welcome.

Well, that’s all for now. All pau! (finished)

I hope to be able to post again soon.

Take care everyone! Until next time...

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