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Denise Shimabukuro is an artist specializing in storybook illustration. Born and raised in Hawaii, she had studied Graphic Design at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. She then moved to California where she worked on staff as a character designer for Hanna-Barbera, and free-lanced for DIC Enterprises. Her passion for illustration developed even more during her 10 years at Disney Publishing, where she worked on staff first as an artist and then as an artist manager. Denise has used her experience to train her team in Los Angeles, as well as various groups of artists in Milan, Paris, and London. Her work has been featured in hundreds of children’s books published worldwide, and also contributed character design for movies from Disney Toon Studios. Her activity extends to products such as comics, rubber stamps, and T-shirt and jewelry designs, and she is currently working on a training guide for storybook artists.

She now resides in Milan, Italy, with her husband, where she continues her work as a freelance artist.

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