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Winter Books

As we surround ourselves with the holiday spirit, I thought I would dig up and share with you the layouts for the winter Tinker Bell Art Pool: The Secret of the Wings. I really love this film and had a lot of fun doing the artwork for this one. It's funny how, as you review an old project, it seems you can be transported back to the moment you were working on it. Like listening to a once popular song. As I went through my files, I found all my thumbnail sketches as well. While revisiting them I realized that it may be interesting to share these too. You can see the progress and some changes along the way: some that were requested, some because of template constraints, and some that were just the natural evolution.

As you can see, some of the spreads turned out almost exactly the same as the initial sketch, with only a few adjustments – like for example pp14-15.

While others were divided up and new art had to be created to accommodate the changed format of adding a vignette – as for pp22-23.

Still others underwent a complete turn around. A different perspective was requested or another point of view was chosen – like on pp30-31.

Personally, I like many of the initial sketches better than the layout. I think it may be the energy and spontaneity in the quick sketch that are appealing to me. But there are a few of the layouts that I do enjoy looking at again, and some of the changes requested did improve the storytelling!

And if you want to see more, go to the "books" section in the Portfolio. Thanks for viewing!

All the images above are ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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