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Denishima Designs and the Cheshire Cat

Wow, it's been a long time, right? Thought this blog was dead? Well, me too! But as they say, "life finds a way", so there may be a faint pulse in the ol' blog yet.

Decided that I might talk about some of the things I'm working on for Denishima Designs. Yes, that's how I called my new e-store on Zazzle – by the way, here's the address right away, go take a look! It's kind of a fun project to do, and I think it may inspire me to remain a little more faithful to this blog and not be so distracted by life.

I had started out with the Alice Line, which is just an interpretation of the famous Alice stories we know from childhood. It had been just an outlet for me, drawing the characters I love... but then turned into this fun adaptation when adding text to it. I am thinking of releasing the line with no text as well, for those who just prefer the image itself. After all, a picture's worth... well, in this day and age... not as much as it used to be.

The Woodland Line followed closely after and it is proving to be another fun venue. I am using this line to focus on my love of animals, and have brought elements of the cultures that inspire my everyday life. So, you may find a lot of Asian influences, as well as European. Of course, coming from the States has its imprint on me as well, so everything is laced with elements of home.

In addition to these lines, I am currently working on products using the Sister Stamps images I had created together with my sister, Jenny. This line is particularly close to my heart as it brings into the foreground all the things I love about where I've come from... Hawaii. With the blending of Asian and Hawaiian cultures, this is something I am looking forward to sharing with everyone.

And now back to Alice...

So, I had started with the White Rabbit and I introduced him on my Denishima Designs Facebook page – please visit and like it! – but now we're on to the Cheshire. But I may revisit the White Rabbit when I present the painted version. Anyway,... the Cheshire.

As I mentioned on FB, I enjoyed the presence of the Cheshire in the Alice story, and oddly gained a sense of security from that character. Even though in this drawing I represented him as very large and a bit overbearing, and that gives him a kind of menacing quality, the layout suggests a cradling effect of the scene. Alice looks upon him with curiosity and a little wariness, bit is not afraid. The Cheshire is more mischievous and although may be intimidating at first, is nothing to fear... and actually can be a comfort in this insane land. Below, I wanted to share a few images regarding this illustration. The original sketch... the one with added text, a swatch of color... and the final paint.

When a friend of mine saw this graphic version, the response was: "Ooooo, scary!" Huh. I never thought of it as scary, but when I took another look, I could understand how it can seem creepy, ya?

I guess I ended up capitalizing on that and even pushed the eeriness a little for the paint. Hee hee.

Well, I am glad I am back to writing on my blog, and I hope you are too! Till next post... CIAO!

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