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Santa's Sleigh

We're now down to the wire in preparation for Christmas so I'll keep this short. Just wanted to get in one more ornament before the big day to share. There isn't much to tell when it comes to the initial concept.

The idea came to me when sketching out our Christmas images and thought it would be kind of nice to do a Japanese version of Santa's sleigh. Kind of fought with the problem of the size of the crane compared to the sleigh since that makes the stamp kind of ...BIG. Anyway, it all worked out and turned out fun in the end!

When revisiting the image this year, I suddenly wanted to do this as an ornament. Quite a challenge to make it 3D, but I enjoyed myself just trying to make it work. I had decided to have the crane hang on his own hook, separate from the sleigh. That way, he could be higher and on a different branch altogether. This makes it hard to find a place to hang on the tree though. I think my friend, June's idea was better to attach both threads (one from crane and one from sleigh) to a customized wire hanger, like a mobile so at least they would always hang the right way. Maybe for next time.

Thanks for stopping by again, and here's wishing a wonderful holiday to everyone!

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